What Is Cardarine (GW-501516) and how does it work?

Cardarine (GW-501516) is a newer performance enhancing drug when compared to others and it started out in the medical industry as is the norm with other such drugs. It was used to prevent cancer with the additional benefit of regulating cholesterol in our body. But later, athletes and body building enthusiasts found it to speed up lipid metabolism or it increases the rate of breaking up of fats to convert it into usable energy. It was very helpful to burn off fat, lose excess weight and improve endurance and athletic ability in the process. Read on to get a detailed guide about Cardarine and its working in your body as well as potential benefits upon use.

Cardarine is a PPAR and not a SARM, as is claimed by a few people. PPAR or Peroxisome Proliferator activated receptors work almost the same as SARMs but with a difference which is that they target androgen receptors in muscle tissues which help in stimulating glucose metabolism. So, all the glucose that muscles receive is converted to energy instead of the extra glucose being stored in the body as fats for later use. It means that you will have increased energy and stamina for performing your desired physical activities and shorten your recovery periods after the exercise. It is also shown to increase the deposition of amino acids or proteins onto muscles and bones and thus helps in increasing muscle mass significantly and easily. It also works without any known side effects and thus is a good drug to enhance performance but it is to be administered in low doses due to its high potency.

 Apart from helping out in using up excess glucose, Cardarine also improves the fat breakdown or metabolism in the body in order to get adequate energy while exercising and thus reduce fat deposits and body weight in the process. Cardarine also works to help out the body in the metabolization of good cholesterol in the blood and tissues by transporting it to the liver and thus also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and artery blockage and promoting general good health and well being.  It is also found to be non toxic to the body and can be stacked or used along with most of the SARMs like Rad 140 in order to improve endurance without showing any adverse effects on the body.

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