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Who Said That Soccer Is A Sport For Men Only?

Just today, which is International Women’s Day, we want to talk about those women who have the courage to give a kick to those stereotypes that have made soccer a strictly male sport. Our goal is precisely to debunk this false myth.

The world of women’s soccer is, unfortunately still little known, neglected, and very often completely ignored, especially in Italy. Yet the rectangle of the game is the same one in which the men’s teams compete, as well as the minutes of the race and the points for a victory or a draw. But in Italy, there are few players, few teams, few investments, and many prejudices. With Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur Tickets For Sale you can grab the best match now.

Women’s soccer was born in London in 1895, where it was initially associated with charity games and the physical exercise of players. In Italy, it is discovered 38 years later, when in 1933 in Milan, the Female Soccer Group, the first organized women’s soccer club, was set up. From 1968, for about twenty years, it was managed by an independent organization, which had the task of organizing the championship matches and those of the national team. In 1986 the autonomous organization of women’s soccer became part of the Italian Soccer Federation (FIGC), and its structure was entrusted to the National Amateur League (LND).

Women’s Soccer

The Italian women’s championship is still made up of different categories and takes place regularly every year: the teams that make up the first division are amateur teams as well as amateurs are defined as players, who, for this reason, cannot be bought or sold. As a result, they fail to generate revenues and, in most cases, their existence is guaranteed only by sponsorship contracts, without any other type of economic guarantee.

At present, it is very difficult to foresee in a short time growth in the popularity of women’s soccer in Italy.

But aside from this critical framework, and leaving the professional soccer world for a moment, there is a really interesting factor that cannot go unnoticed: while the number of our young players has grown, that of adults has fallen drastically that is, of those that play in the first teams. Here we sense the malfunctioning of the female soccer system: the interest and passion of the girls is there and grows, but they are pushed to stop playing when they reach the age in which in life they begin to make work choices different from the sport.

Experience the Passion for Soccer, Without Obstacles

Although utopian, it should be a commitment of all to remove the social and cultural obstacles that at the moment, make it almost impossible for a woman to enter the soccer world.

What everyone should do is defend and support the cause of a child who, getting passionate about soccer, can find a team, an adequate structure and a staff of highly qualified instructors, which allow her to freely cultivate her passion. It is necessary to pursue with greater determination awareness policies in schools, gyms and soccer clubs, where girls approach the world of sport for the first time and give everyone the opportunity to practice soccer without any prejudice or limitations of a physical or psychological nature.

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