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Purchasing the Right Properties in Turkey

Investing in a part of Turkey by buying real estate is as simple as ABC if you stay focused on a few factors which are namely; location, money, type of real estate and agent. For the Property in Turkey this is one very important matter.

Location is Important

Although you have already decided on the area in which you want to buy real estate, it is worth looking at the neighborhood too. Likewise, if you want to make an investment purchase, a remote location, away from the beach, will reduce your chances of getting tenants on vacation. See what the area has to offer in terms of facilities, beaches, roads, shops, entertainment and everything that fits your lifestyle, like bars, restaurants, sports clubs, etc.

Real Estate Type and Size

The main advantage of resale houses is that you can see what you are going to get and get a good idea of ​​the repairs needed, such as humidity, cracks, paint or water pressure. However, the new real estate and off-plan attract a lot of people, due to their modern architecture and up to date infrastructure. Off-plan properties are generally sold at a price lower than the market value.

Size is also important when balancing the pros and cons of your future home. A single person or an elderly couple may well turn to a one- or two-bed apartment rather than a villa, which will cause a lot of wasted space.

The advantages of a small apartment mean that you can quickly lock or rent it. Costs and maintenance are easier to manage and, in general, allow owners to go out more, knowing that their real estate does not require a lot of maintenance. Many families choose duplex apartments that cover two levels. Their main advantage is that it offers more personal space without incurring additional costs, as we have seen in a detached villa.

Ask yourself, realistically, how many rooms do you use?

The answer is usually the kitchen, living room and bedrooms, so the rest becomes storage space. Whether detached or separate, the villas offer great opportunities to stay longer and allow you to settle there as expatriates. Most villas are equipped with swimming pools, which takes into account daily maintenance needs and monthly costs.

Specify the purpose of your purchase.

There are also currency changes because all documents related to the purchase will be in Turkish lira. Stick to your budget and don’t feel tempted by more expensive homes that could be over your budget. In addition to the real estate you buy, you need to know the additional costs. When you inquire about any of the real estate listed on our pages, we provide additional information on expenses, how to convert your currency at favorable rates as well as the expected annual costs.

Find the Right Real Estate Agent

Do not rush to make a decision when choosing your real estate agent. They will manage one of the most important purchases of your life and must, therefore, be reliable, attentive to your needs, licensed and very aware of the real estate laws in Turkey.

Are agents sensitive to your calls and letters? Will it be within the budget and location you request? Are they trustworthy? Many people paid for their ignorance of the Turkish real estate market and lost their money.

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