Your search for the best golf courses in Orlando ends here

A golfer’s dream city, golf heaven, golf in paradise – Orlando is known by all these names and more. When champion golfers like Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson call Orlando home, there must be some reason. Orlando prides on its numerous public golf courses and pristinely designed private resort courses from names like Marriott, Ritz, Waldorf, just to mention a few. We have listed some of the most visited and famous golf courses here, you can visit us at / to find out more courses which may be less known compared to the below ones, but can offer some challenging terrain with great scenic nature.

Rosen Shingle: 

This astounding golf course, located on Shingle Creek, just re-opened after a short period due to renovation. Designed by Arnold Palmer, this course is ready to welcome golfers with all skills. The resort is available for overnight booking with spa therapy for your partner while you’re busy golfing.

Disney World – Magnolia:

Regardless if you’re staying at Disney resort or not, this course welcomes all golfers. Golf Digest rated Magnolia with four stars. It’s known for the legendary mouse sand trap and majestic beauty of its nearby wildlife.

Waldorf Astoria:

Situated just adjacent to Disney, this Rees Jones-designed course embraces players of any expertise. Don’t forget to enjoy some custom crafted cocktails at the Waldorf lounge.

Bay Hill Club:

Late Arnold Palmer’s home course, this one you don’t want to miss. Arrange a booking at the lodge for one or two-night stay, enjoy the scenic lake while golfing, you won’t regret it.

Tranquilo Golf Club:

This Tom Fazio designed golf course is known for its charming natural beauty; some consider it as one of the best courses in Orlando. Golfers get outstanding service here.

Streamsong Resort:

Want to visit the ultimately challenging golf course? Located over a former mine and an hour of driving distance from Disney World, Streamsong resort is famous for its beautiful golf course with unpredictable slopes and terrains.

Southern Dunes Country Club:

Located in the countryside, this golf course looks very different than the most others. Drive 15 minutes from Walt Disney, and you’ll reach here.

Grand Cypress club:

When it was opened for the first time, most famous golf publications termed it as the best among the new courses. Armed with a total of 45 holes and a renowned golf academy, this course lures golfers to it like a magnet.


This one is famous for its merged course of both American and British style. Players of all expertise come here, even children. They have a golf academy here, so children and beginners are equally welcomed here.

Celebration Club:

This famous course is designed by celebrity father-son duo, Roberts Jones Sr. And Jr. You can explore the picturesque marine life and driving range nearby along with golf.

Reunion Resort:

It is only open for resort guests, not for the public; however, the golf academy and the restaurant situated at the rooftop is open for public. This is designed by multiple renowned designers, making it one of the top beautiful golf courses in Orlando.

Hawk’s Landing club:

This golf course at Marriot world center allows not only guests but the public too. Moreover, they offer complimentary VIP car parking. Apart from the fact that it’s certified by Audubon, they got resident instructor here who is named as one of the top hundred instructors in the whole world.


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