fluoride varnish

White smile and the Secret Behind

Are you embarrassed to show your smile because of the color that your teeth have taken over the years? Below you will discover the causes that cause your teeth to turn yellow and what are the best treatments to return to having a dazzling smile. Do not underestimate this problem; a small dental cosmetic intervention is enough to remedy it. Here the fluoride varnish process comes to much use.

Main causes of dental yellowing

The teeth stained and yellowed represent a very common aesthetic problem, which can be determined by a multiplicity of causes, not just genetic, but also related to lifestyle. To make the  opaque enamel and off  can, in fact, contribute to a predisposition to yellowing of the family home, a  very acidic salivary pH , cigarette smoking, excessive use of mouthwash with chlorhexidine and daily consumption of coffee, tea or other beverages that tend to pigment the enamel.

Tips for effective tooth whitening

Following some simple steps in the days following the session, the whitening treatment of the teeth expresses all its potential and makes the smile brighter and more harmonious.

What are the contraindications?

If the treatment is carried out professionally in a specialized clinic, which uses only specific and certified products, whitening does not cause any discomfort in the patient. The same cannot be said for treatments performed at home, which can cause irritation or stains in the teeth.

Bleaching is not definitive; in fact, it has a variable duration depending on the lifestyle and the procedure used. On average, it must be repeated every 24 months. Those looking for a definitive solution must opt ​​for a different intervention, such as the application of dental veneers.

Teeth whitening, what is the cost?

Thanks to Dental experts, whitening your teeth turns out to be simpler and less expensive than one might reasonably imagine. With its welcoming clinics and with the support of qualified medical staff, Dental offers all dental services at affordable prices, including effective tooth whitening treatments. These aesthetic treatments make the dentin surface whiter: to give the enamel a white and natural color is the application of whitening substances that contain a very effective active ingredient, enhanced by specific lamps that favor the action in depth. All with the guarantee of a safe, fast, and painless treatment that does not damage either the enamel or the dentin.

Whitening with gel based on hydrogen peroxide

Established with the aid of latest-generation equipment and after having agreed with the patient a tailored therapeutic plan, the professional tooth whitening technique consists in the application on the surface of the teeth of a  gel based on hydrogen peroxide  which, activated by the  LED lamp, it releases oxygen that penetrates through the dental enamel and reaches the pigmented molecules of the teeth, triggering oxidation-reduction reactions that break down the molecules into smaller, colorless and easily eliminated compounds.

All stages of treatment

Dental bleaching is divided into a plurality of phases, carried out in compliance with the most rigorous hygiene and safety standards:  professional tooth cleaning and the determination of the most appropriate color scheme is followed by the opening of the mouth with a soft mask, the application of the bleaching gel and the irradiation of the teeth with the LED light.