The Property Cost and the Finest Details Here

The manufacturer must deliver a ten-year insurance policy as a guarantee for compensation for material damage deriving from any damage to the property or serious construction defects. The policy takes effect from the moment of the completion of the works. The policy covers damages for serious construction defects in the building or deriving from ruin or even from soil defects. The policy must be delivered at the time of the transfer of ownership. Finer options for the same comes with now.

Contract rules

The preliminary purchase contract must contain the buyer and seller data personal data like VAT number, etc., the cadastral identification of the property, the complete description of the technical characteristics, any planning agreements, constraints or mortgages, the times construction and delivery terms, the total price, the methods of payment, any contractors, the details of the request and the building permit and the details of the guarantee.

Before the deed, the notary must verify that there are no mortgages on behalf of third parties or demand their cancellation if there are. If the loan is to be accepted, or the transfer of the loan from the builder to the future owner, it should be checked that there is a split which must be requested from the bank in case of absence.

The splitting means that the buyer buys is responsible only for the apartment purchased and not for everything else. To request it, a written request must be submitted to the bank that provided the loan, attaching an identity document, the compromise and the cadastral documents of the apartment to be purchased.

Right of first refusal

In the event of an auction, the law guarantees the buyer the right of first refusal if the house is used as the main residence.

Solidarity fund

In cases where property construction companies have been damaged by financial crisis operations, a Solidarity Fund has been set up at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which has the aim of ensuring compensation to the victims of property bankruptcies that occurred between December 1993 and June 2005.

Here is one of the most powerful tricks to sell your house quickly and with the utmost serenity avoiding wasting time and having curious or unhealthy people at home. It is essential to make a basic premise, without which we are talking about nothing: one of the most important things in every sales sector including the one in which you now find yourself which is the sector of selling the house is to position correctly your product in the market and then to attract as many potential customers interested in that product as possible.

So, in your case, the basis of the sales job is to attract as many potential buyers interested in a house like yours, and this is essential because if you only receive 2/3 purchase requests, you must pray that one of these is the right one, that is, that all the features of your home are fine and that he also has the money to buy.

The Ultimate Conclusion

It is clear that if you want to have a greater chance of selling your home and above all selling it at the best market conditions. you need to have a lot of people interested in buying your home. It is like a shop: if a customer enters a day, it is not so obvious that that day you beat a receipt. if you enter 100 you are much more likely to reach your sales target.

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