Smart and Perfect Sound System You Are Simply Going to Love

Discover this guide to help you create a unique sound identity to reinforce your brand. Then you will have

the very best extraordinary sound systems for your daily usage.

  1. Write a coherent brief.

This is the first important step to go in the right direction and be sure to make clear what you want. It is even advisable to create a brief even before starting a collaboration with a sound designer. This brief is by no means exclusively a musical brief. You really have to start from the branding strategy. The musical aspect will flow from the overall strategy. If you focus only on the musical aspect, you risk having a sound identity bland and lacking durability. Do not hesitate to detail the overall strategy of your company, its identity, details on its visual communication, but also the style of music currently used.

Also, give examples of competitors and reference brands in your industry. The brief will help structure the work of the agency that will take care of your sound design, but also to situate the brand in relation to the image it is already carrying.

  1. Choose the right sound designer for his musical identity.

As in any business sector, choosing the right provider is essential in order to best lead the project. Trust a team of experts. For example, we are used to working with luxury brands. Do not hesitate to discover references. The sound identity agency is present at your side to fit your desires and set up the right musical identity at your points of sale. It must provide you with advice throughout your project. But this sound designer is also essential to meet your deadlines, and problems related to the law. Your sound identity must live and continue over time. It’s here that a sound designer takes all its meaning. The sound design agency must facilitate the understanding of the message the brand wants to broadcast. She must have the experience, and a fine knowledge in terms of communication.

It combines the real aspect with the need to create emotion and dreams. Finally, a good sound designer is a good partner over time. It must be present in the long term to advise you but also to refine your musical identity over time.

  1. Know the tastes of his customers.

As in all sectors of activity, you must know your target before communicating. Teenagers will not listen to the same style of music as seniors. No one knows your customers better than you. Detail your targets, and also inform their taste in terms of music. Your offer adapts to your clientele, your music too.

  1. Study your competitors.

The sound identity, as well as global and visual communication, is used to stand out. Added value must be added to the competitors’ offer. Do not choose exactly the same style of music as your competitor. Find your own musical style, and create a unique sound identity; your brand image will only be strengthened.

  1. Bring out emotions.

The power of music is to bring out emotions. Do not do like many brands, who use music that does not feel anything like emotion. Music has an effect on your customers. It can make you happy, surprise you, or touch you. A quality playlist is often noticed. If your sound identity is not personalized and does not cause any emotion to your customers, it becomes useless. It’s a bit like a good movie coming out at the movies, and nobody was going to see it.

  1. Transform your brand image into music.

In which musical register evolves your company? What image did you want to give your customers? Are your products or services intended for a certain customer profile? It is obvious that if you have a chain of the organic store, the style of music will not be Rock but rather zen and relaxed atmosphere. Do you have a rather young clientele? You’ll have to opt for a more dynamic and energetic playlist each company has its own sound identity. It is the continuity of your visual identity; it is   your communication in music. Every need for sound identity is different. Opt for the right sound design agency also according to your budget.

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