Security families amd their uses of that one

The security is used in all the places nowadays. So security is a very important one to lead a happy life with the security there is more this has been done properly so we have to very carefully in all the situations. Many of the people lost the money, things, and many others without the lack of securities. Being in the secured lanterm  is very safe nowadays we all believes in the apartment living so in that one we want to be safer in all the time so there is always be the theft in the case and many in security feeling from the outside so we have to be very careful in the all the situations. The maximum of the people lives in the small family in the apartments so on the olden days all the ones are be living together in one family they consist of the grandparents like grandfather and grandmother, father, mother and their children’s and their uncles and the aunties mother in law father in law, sister in law and the many more they all be lived as the joint family. But for these younger generations, they don’t know the meaning of the joint family. In the joint family, we all be lived to gather so we have lots of security in the house so no person will easily get into the houses. There comes an interesting story in that joint family they have more security.

The story of the joint family 

In that joint family, we have nearly 20 of member are being lived in one house so it was the big house so it all be looks like the olden style in that houses all the men’s are be do the family business or they all going for the jobs so they all be as the same family and joint all the income and they do their regular expenses and the many others. So on that, there comes the many problems and the interaction so they all be solved by the talk so during the festival time they all be joined to gather. So there are no secrets oh there. On one day one theft will be planed to theft on their house so well planned and they executed it so while trying to enter the house by a roof so while coming one man seen and shouted so all the one come and started beaten that boy so he was not the theft but due to without food for many days he feels hunger so for money to buy food he started thrifting so the head of the family gives him food and the job for him.

The conclusion 

So being in the joint family has the many of merits do in that one we find the lots of happiness and the many other things so we have found small happy on being in that families so in the world many of them in young generation miss that joint family system so we have missed the lots of things in the young people so the joint family is the best things for the security living purpose.

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