salvator mundi by da vinci

Salvator Mundi Painting – The Painter and the Master

Salvator Mundi, it is a very famous painting of a Christ by Leonardo da Vinci. The picture shows that Christ holding crystal ball on left hand and right hand is raised with two fingers extended upwards. The crystal ball is transparent, and it represents heaven, painting tells that Christ is the savior of the world. This is one of the well-known paintings of da Vinci. The art was disappeared when it was given to Sir Charles Robinson from 1763 to 1900. When it took in 1912, the photo has been painted heavily especially the face and hair which can be seen easily with the naked eye.

More about the portrait

Leonardo da Vinci was a very genius in the artwork field; he became very famous in the art world because of his quality and dedication toward art life. He has skills of drawing, sculpting, painting, a pen and ink depiction, and a landscape drawing. The master has gained all the knowledge of mechanics, carpentry, metallurgy, architectural drafting, and chemistry as well. He got fame and name because of his painting skills which are unique in all perspective. da Vinci created so many masterpieces like Mona Lisa, virgin and child with Saint Anne, battle scene of Anghiari, the battle of the casino and  Salvator Mundi that are still considered a masterpiece and regains some cult followers to this date. The da Vinci impact on art is tremendous.

Leonardo da Vinci has painted the salvator mundi by da vinci for Louis of France which was held in the consort of the Anne of Brittany. This painting has traveled from France to England after the second Italian war; there is has kept with the royal family ‘Queen house.’ Later this painting has visited a lot such as the palace of Whitehall, James II of England, John Sheffield and Buckingham house. This painting has been rediscovered and restored after such long travel and later kept it in an auction of Christie, the painting got purchased by the Saudi prince from the sale of New York.

Salvator Mundi is one of the famous paintings of Leonardo da Vinci. After rediscover and restore the picture included in the major exhibition of Leonardo masterpiece at the national gallery in London. Although there is speculation whether it is the actual work of da Vinci or not and sometimes  has been disputed by other experts as well. This painting has a record-breaking artwork history. The picture has been rediscovered and restored after in-depth study on it by artwork experts, once the process is done it as compared to the other version of the same art by different painters such as “”>Marco d’Oggiono, Salvator Mundi, “”>School of Leonardo da Vinci, Salvator Mundi, “”>Giampietrino, Salvator Mundi, “”>Benedetto Diana, Salvator Mundi, “”>Andrea Previtali, Salvator Mundi and many painters copied the version who follows Leonardo da Vinci.


Salvator Mundi is attained by the cultural department of Abu Dhabi in order to promo   the tourism and are kept publicly once in a year at the exhibition  in the month of September. And the best part is that it will be showcased  alongside the Mona Lisa in the exhibition conducted at Louvre, Paris the coming year. This painting was the world’s most expensive one.

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