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How does an open-air LED screen work?

The term open air LED screen is commonly alluding to an enormous outside video divider that uses LED innovation. Rather than a solitary board display, for example, a LED TV or screen, video dividers are built by connecting numerous boards, considering enormous sizes and custom shapes.

These boards use an extremely high brilliance for open-air perceivability and strong equipment for protection from nature’s components. Huge sizes oblige far away review distances by many individuals immediately. Applications incorporate advanced boards, landmark signs, arena jumbotrons, rental, outside LED signage, and more.

Arrangement of instances of open-air led screens, including an arena screen, advanced announcement, business screen, and landmark sign pipe and drape rental near me

Specialized contemplations


LED is the most splendid display innovation, settling on it the unmistakable decision for open-air arrangements. Video divider splendor is estimated in nits. The higher the nit rating, the higher the splendor. Open-air boards require a base splendor rating of 5,000 nits to take into account perceivability under direct daylight and can reach as high as 10,000+ nits.


A LED board’s protection from nature’s components is estimated with its IP rating. An IP rating (short for entrance insurance rating) is composed as “IP” trailed by 2 digits. The principal digit shows the board’s security against solids (like soil and dust), and the second demonstrates insurance against fluid (like a downpour).

Outside video dividers require a rating of IP65. IP65 demonstrates full security against solids and high assurance against fluids at low tension.

Pixel density

A pixel is the littlest addressable component on a raster picture. They are those little spots that you see on the LED board. Thousands, in some cases a huge number of these specks consolidate to shape one enormous consistent picture.

Pixel pitch is the unit of estimation for how firmly stuffed together these pixels are. Pixel pitch is the distance, in millimeters, between the focal point of 2 pixels on a LED board. Pixel pitch is frequently composed as P(number). For instance, a P10 screen would have a pitch of 10mm, implying that the pixels are divided 10 millimeters separated from one another.

infographic representing pixel pitch. a led board zoomed in to show the singular pixels. one dab is a pixel, the distance between the 2 dabs, in millimeters, is pixel pitchPixel pitch is a significant variable to consider according to review distances. Lower pitches (higher pixel densities) are needed for nearer seeing distances. Screens expected for a far-away survey, like boards, are better off with a higher pitch. Outside video dividers will generally have a higher pixel pitch than indoor ones since they are normally for review from farther away survey distances.

SMD VS. Plunge

A pixel is included in the shadings red, green, and blue. With DIP, these 3 tones are isolated, and with SMD, the tones are bound together.

SMD LED will in general offer higher picture detail and smoother shading precision through DIP LED is more splendid and tougher. Both are famous advances for outside applications.


Some famous development strategies for open-air video dividers include:

Ground upheld – The screen sits on the ground.

Divider mounted – The screen is mounted to the divider.

Flown – The screen is swung from a construction above it.

Post mounted – The screen is mounted from an upward shaft.

Bracket upheld – The screen is mounted with aluminum support hardware.