Milan walking tour

Free walking tour in Milan makes your day special

People wish to explore some new things and them willing to know the histories during their travel but in most of the cases, they can only greet the eyes with eternal beauty of the country. So while arranging for trip or tour to other nations, it is preferred to take a guide who well knows about the country and their exciting histories. But most of the people think about their expense towards guide and also it is important to take professional one to the trip all these makes the people do extra research. All these factors may be common to all countries but when your destination is Milan or wants to know about Milan, you can have a free tour that is Milan walking tour this tour is specially arranged during public holidays in Milan city. The specialty of this walking tour is people visit all famous attracting place of Milan city through roadway by walk. Moreover, when it is by means of roadway, the trip route is quite interesting since it is an ancient route which connects Milan and Rome.

What does Milan free tour include?

In the Milan walking tour people are accommodated with topmost trip adviser along with a native guide who tells about the city in a professional manner. Even though several languages speaking people book for this free walking tour in Milan the guide would explain only in the English language. when the trip said to be in roadways, many would be struck with confusion how long may be the trip but to the surprise, this free walking Milan tour takes a duration of 3.5 hours maximum. Although the time period is less, it covers various famous spot of Milan which includes.

  • Duomo (Cathedral)
  • Trivulzio Chapel
  • S. Nazaro’s Church
  • Milan State University
  • Ossario Chapel
  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
  • Teatro Alla Scala (Opera House)
  • Merchants’ Square
  • S. Satiro’s Church

All the above spots are popular and famous locations in Milan. People can make a booking online but it is kept that one group hold a maximum number of 6 people which would be comfortable for people to hear all interesting information from the guide. The trip starts from the city center at the scheduled time so people can meet their guide.

Route of walking tour:

Once the trip started the first spot would be S. Nazaro’s Church since Italian country is well known for their history, ancient culture and architecture. All these can be seen there within the next ten minutes of walk people can see Statale University which holds its popularity that is it is the first university open in the country. Moreover, it remains as the seventh university in Europe so while reaching university people can get all interesting stories about famous personalities and the history of the university. Likewise trip moves on next spot to cathedral then towards Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II where people can see the oldest architectural shopping mall. The next trip spot is an iconic opera house which is famous for opera and ballet theatre next to that merchant’s square and the last spot in Milan walking tour is piazza degli affair.

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