Best tips to catch cheaters in casino

The casinos are full of both legitimate and trickster gamblers. The legitimate ones focus on learning new strategies to increase their likelihood of winning over the house, whereas the tricksters remain busy making plans to con the dealers and the other fellow gamblers. No matter how strict the supervision is, the casinos can never be deprived of cheaters. These tricksters are truly very skilled and amazingly present themselves as genuine gamblers. It’s very hard to identify them, but not impossible.

Here are a few gestures that can help you identify them in a crowd.

#1: Being mouthy from start to end

Of course, the cheater never wants to create a dull moment at the table which could bring his cheat-moves to light. Therefore, they always try to create an optimistic vibe across the table to blow off all kinds of suspicion or negativity. They don’t allow real issues or doubts to reach the surface and try creating unnecessary and illogical conversations to mask their actions.

#2: Utilize psychological forces

The dealers at the live casinos are not used to getting touched, but this is a trick employed by the cheaters to juggle with the dealer’s mind. This sudden touch can make them forget about the observations made by them in the betting circle and they can no longer question the cheater’s claim of how much exactly is in the circle presently. This is a psychological method adopted by the cheaters to con the dealers.

#3: Befriend the supervisor

We all know that any suspicious activity happening in the casino is overseen by the supervisor and he has the power to make decisions about the cheat moves. The cheater puts every effort to bring the supervisor on his side by being friends with them. As soon as one wins big in the casino, the supervisors start hovering around with their offers, this is where the cheater takes advantage of the occasion. They accept the supervisor’s deal and befriend him.

#4: Tip the dealer

The cheater wants to keep everyone happy and doesn’t want anyone to go against him/her. So, to please everyone, they tip them. The dealer usually catches the cheater and might signal the supervisor to call in the security for investigation. The cheater habitually gets to know when they are about to get trapped, so to settle with the dealer, they tip them a good amount.

#5: Leave the table angrily

A cheater cannot just run off the table after cheating on a live casino game because it would invite a lot of suspicious eyes. So, what they do is, walk off with casual laughter or a friendly shake so it doesn’t look weird.

The strength of the cheaters

Knowing the ability to play with the psyche of the dealers and other casino authorities is the biggest strength of the fraudsters. It’s not an uphill task to make the cheat-moves. Coordination and timing together can camouflage the cheater and make it all look legal. The cheaters wonderfully juggle with the mind of the casino authorities. They clear every ounce of suspicion developing inside their mind and gain their indomitable trust. They replace every moment of skepticism with friendly conversations or gestures. Even if the dealer or supervisor finds anything weird, the cheaters bury it right there by cleverly making them believe the other way round.

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