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Attractive Repeated Patterns as Your Wallpaper

Repeat pattern making is quite simple, even though it involves various complicated drawings. Repeats can be made in both the computer and also in the paper. Usually, people get trained in the article first till they turn well-versed in the patterns. Once, a person gets familiar with the repeated designs; then he can choose the computer for drawing. Repeated pattern making needs two essential things, such as paper and a pencil. You can make your repeat pattern design attractively with your creativity and give colours to it.

Simple Sketching at the Middle:

The first and foremost step in the repeated designs is to take a clean and neat paper and then draw your plan. The design must be only in the centre, and it should not touch the corners of the article. One must be very careful in this centre part drawing without letting the patterns to reach even a single end. The design can be anything such as lions and vine-y things. One can fill the centre portion as per the design, and after finishing it, you should cut the drawing paper in half-scary. As it is a complicated process, usually everybody chooses to do with the help of a computer.

Perfect Flipping and Tapping:

Now, you will have two pieces of papers, and you just have to flip them. After flipping them tape the drawing together in the back. The reason for taping at the end is that it helps you without any obstructions during your next pictures. One should try tapping the drawing together in a perfect line as much as possible. The lining helps you to get better tapping, and it is also hard to see once your picture is completed.

The next step is to cut the drawing again half in the other way. Then as the previous step, you should flip it and follow the tapping procedure. This also should be pasted only in the back the same as the last step. After this step, your drawing will open only on the edges. There will provide a vast white space in the middle of your paper after all the cutting process. Now, it is time to fill the middle area with your creative designs. It can also be anything as per your wish. The critical thing to remember in this process is to draw only in the middle in this period and not in the edges.

Enhance Look Through Colors:

After filling your drawing in all parts of the paper and now you can fill the tile which is repeated. Now, you can colour the flooring and even Xerox this many numbers of times. You can line up the design plaster on your walls and use it as wallpaper. One can also do the final steps of colouring even on the computer. The design will be colourful, and it is your choice to colour by yourself or using the computer. One can use the Adobe Illustrator for better usage and easy process during the trial steps. Thus, with these steps, you can create your repeated pattern tile colourfully with just the simple tools and easy steps.

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